PLAN-Industriefahrzeug GmbH & Co. KG
Manufacturer of internal transport systems

Gooseneck locked with a bolt

A secure connection between the gooseneck and the forklift is ensured by inserting a locking pin through the forks and the GSH-console.

Gooseneck with automatic locking

The gooseneck and the forklift are automatically locked when the gooseneck is lifted up.

Gooseneck locked with hydraulically adjustable fork tips

After inserting the fork tips into the console, they are shifted outwards and locked in position.

The forklift gooseneck

The PLAN- Forklift gooseneck (GSH) consists of a mounting console for the forks, the gooseneck and the toe, which is locked into the rollpallet’s coupling mouth.

The GSH can be equipped with different types of locking mechanisms: