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Rolltrailers / Rollpallets

The rollpallet (RP) is used in combination with the forklift gooseneck (GSH). The load distribution when using this system is 1/3 on the GSH or forklift and 2/3 on the rollpallet.

Conclusion: You can achieve a tripling of the forklift truck’s lifting capacity.


  • Low maintenance
  • Easy handling of GSH
  • Tripling the truck’s lifting capacity

Complete system consisting of forklift + GSH + rollpallet

The important steps summarized:

  • Manoeuver the truck’s forks into the GSH’s receiving console and the toe into the rollpallet’s coupling mouth.
  • After the toe is in the coupling mouth, it is locked with the coupling mouth by traction and the rollpallet can be raised.

IMPORTANT: This transport system can both be pulled and pushed.

Standard version

  • Wooden platform cover (pine 55 mm)
  • Standard coupling mouth
  • Rigid axle
  • Solid rubber tyres

Custom version

  • Steel plate 10 mm
  • Custom coupling mouth with safety hooks
  • Lashing points on each side
  • Oscillating axle for distribution of load
  • Pneumatic tyres