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09 September 2020

Roll trailer and gooseneck - One strong team

This roll trailer with a capacity of 45t was delivered to a civil engineering company in Austria. Due to its high capacity the trailer should be secured against unintentional disengaging from the gooseneck. In this case this was achieved with safety hooks that interlock with lugs on the gooseneck.

The gimbal-mounted wheel suspension adapts perfectly to the ground so that all eight wheels are in constant contact with the ground. Like this the load can be optimally distributed.

Since the trailer is expected to have longer standing times, there is the possibility to jack up the rear side and like this unload the wheels which prevents them from marks or deformation. The safety stands can be stored in the toolboxes when they are not used.

The carrier construction on the platform was tailored to the contact points of the load to be transported. In addition, the platform height was reduced slightly by this construction method.

On the rear side there is a continuous footboard which facilitates getting on the platform.

The load can be secured through stanchions and the lashing points on the sides.

The corresponding gooseneck can be attached to the forklift through the hydraulic lateral adjustment.