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Weather protection with roll-up doors on both sides

Weather protection - roll-up doors closed and secured


Protected from the elements

One of our recent projects was the development of a system for protecting the cargo from the elements (moisture and other environmental influences) through special roll-up doors that disappear into a partition wall. The trailer is loaded from both sides and the cargo area is divided in a total of six cargo bays with the dimensions 2700x2700x1250 mm.

Click here to watch a video of the weather protection system

Roll pallet with coil bed


A well-rounded project

In the current project, at a large automotive supplier in western Germany, a roll pallet was provided with a coil bed that allows coils with a diameter of up to 2200mm and a weight of max. 25t to be transported. By sliding pairs of stanchions, coils of various widths from 300mm are easy to secure.

Self-propelled electric platform truck EWB10 with optical tracking


Staying in line

In a partially automated assembly line production, when the same components are transported again and again, it is a good thing when the transport vehicle knows its way.

Equipped with four cameras, the electrically powered platform truck follows its guiding line on the factory floor. Via a radio remote control, the operator can control the driving speed. Relevant crossing or turning points and the respective target destinations are automatically detected and the vehicle braked to a standstill.

The wheels can be swiveled individually so that driving maneuvers in all directions are possible, up to turning around on the spot. If the goods to be transported has to be delivered somewhere beyond the production line, all steering functions can be selected manually via the radio remote control. The directly responsive and finely adjustable control makes maneuvering and positioning possible in the smallest of space.

Electric platform truck EWB20 with lifting capabilities


Drive under and lift up

Many components need to be put on stock to be transported and used for assembly at a later date. Completed assembly groups may need to be stored efficiently and space sparingly.

These tasks can be completed cost efficiently with the help of the electric platform truck EWB20 with lifting capabilities. The goods to be transported are put or stored on loading platforms/loading racks. To move a rack, the electric platform truck is positioned underneath it and then raised. The rack with its load can be moved to its destination.

All movements are coordinated by the operator via a radio remote control. The directly responsive and finely adjustable control allows the exact positioning of loads up to 20 t.